Acropolis Laboratories (Acropolis Labs) is in the business of developing digital content. Digital content includes, but is not limited to, software engineering, website development, web-based application development, digital art, and development of interactive 3D software. Acropolis Labs is the home of an especially talented group of students and graduates of UTD’s School of Arts & Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, and School of Management. The team is supplemented by experienced industry professionals who oversee project management, creative direction, technology development, and management processes.

      Acropolis Labs was founded in the spring of 2006 to enter into and lead the industry of digital content creation. The listeral translation of Acropolis is "high city" in the Greek language, and is most often used to describe the heart of the legendary city of Athens. For our employees, it's the name of a legendary place to call home. Acropolis Laboratories follows in the footsteps of the ancient Greek alchemists, who created amazing wonders and works, by creating our own new wonders and works in the realm of digital content. To solidify the link between the old and new, one of the ancient wonders known as Greek Fire serves as the centerpiece of the logo for Acropolis Labs. Today Acropolis Labs works to live up to those legends by creating amazing projects using cutting edge technology while making a better experience for our clients, customers, and employees.

Core Team

John Fowler
Business Manager

Carl Lutz
Project Manager/Creative Director